IronBend is an exclusive partner of Floyd Mayweather Junior and a creator of a series of NFTs celebrating the legacy of one of the greatest athletes of all time.

With its commitment to excellence synonymous to this legendary boxer, IronBend is bringing to light the true story of dedication, sacrifice and tenacity that makes Floyd The Best Ever.


IronBend was founded with an ambitious and pioneering approach that purpose and business can coevolve in meaningful and successful partnerships. We excel in creating widely-accessible platforms where iconic athletes, artists, celebrities and personalities can explicitly engage with their fans and supporters to share their journeys and life stories. Within these stories lie the powers of unlocking hidden potentials and untapped ambitions that can truly inspire people to pursue their lofty dreams. Those same lofty dreams drive IronBend at its core.

Through the power of the digital universe, we are able to foster passionate, engaged and authentic communities around these megastars. Employing the latest in blockchain technology allows us to deliver secure and exclusive digital collectibles and art. Every piece that IronBend curates is a unique work issued by the celebrity as a non-fungible token (NFT). Through these scarce and highly collectible NFTs, IronBend originates world-class content that integrates once in a lifetime opportunity to connect the iconic personalities with their communities and followers in an intimate and lasting way.

Our team brings together decades of experience and leading talent from creative, media, retail and financial sectors. 


IronBend‘s mission is to enable turnkey solutions for celebrities, creators and personalities from all walks of life to tell their stories in a captivating, empowering and vibrant way.

Dan Sobol, Iron Bend co-founder and CEO, has spent the last two decades as an entrepreneur and investor.  Dan sourced the acquisition of Dress Barn’s distressed IP assets and Co-founded Dress Barn Online Inc. which launched in 2020 and grew revenues from zero to a $65mm run rate in 8 months. He co-founded and led SkyTop Capital Management from 2010-2020, a special situations hedge fund with peak assets of $480mm. From 2002-2010 he was an analyst and portfolio manager at Loews Corporation, working for Larry Tisch, the famous value investor. Prior to Loews he spent five years in retail supply chain management, buying and merchandising, leading Wegmans’ efforts to re-engineer and digitize their supply chain.

Dan holds an MBA in Finance and Management from The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania and a BS in economics from Cornell University where he was a division 1 Varsity Wrestler. He is an avid photographer and minted his first NFT collection on Rarible in early 2021.

Michael Riskind, Iron Bend Co-Founder and Head of Business Development. Riskind is the Founder & CEO of Highwood Estate Capital, a third-party marketing and merchant banking firm that invests, advises and helps raise capital for early stage companies, real estate developers and asset management firms. Prior to forming Highwood Estate Capital, Mr. Riskind spent 14 years in institutional equity sales and trading at UBS Investment Bank, KeyBanc Capital Markets and BB&T Capital Markets. During that time as an equity salesperson at UBS and then as the Head of Equity Sales and Trading at KeyBanc and BB&T, Michael successfully built and managed teams of salespeople and traders in cities across North America. Mr. Riskind attended Choate Rosemary Hall for high school, received a BA in Government and International Relations from Cornell University and MBA with a concentration in Finance and Marketing from Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

Erik LaPaglia is an entrepreneur, real estate and private equity investor. He started his career at Jack White & Co. He advanced in financial services as a Director for First Allied Securities working directly with both, Pershing and Bear Stearns. Ultimately a love of both sales and marketing lead him to Barrington Broadcasting and Mediacom/OnMedia in the role of Marking Director. From there he started numerous businesses and partnerships including advertising agency Pure Marketing & Media; typo LLC; LaPaglia Properties, Inc. Erik lends his expertise to businesses in various industries and brings his creative solutions to the forefront to help companies maximize profitability and realize their full market potential. Currently, he serves as a partner at both advertising agency CraftShow Digital and The Addition Co. CraftShow Digital works with many Fortune500 clients ranging from Starbucks to CVSHealth, and Oracle. The Addition Co. is tackling the global problem of sea level rise through the adoption up revolutionary seawall construction and technology integration.